Friday, July 29, 2011

you don’t want to spill your drink on anyone!

Tonight was our Concert in the Park. The first one we have been able to make this year. As always we had a blast. We always have fun no matter where we are but having great friends makes it even better. Seriously I think when were all together it is non-stop giggles, over what? Who knows? Everything! Someone is always doing something that calls for a belly laugh and I must say it’s not always the kids. From the sushi, chips in dip, pizza, kettle corn, salad, cotton candy, snow cones (that was an adventure in itself), margaritas to the wine (that someone else not in our party I guess really liked)… its was plain FUN. Dancing you say? YES there was dancing and WWF going on at our blanket and others and lots and lots of “chase” but not the kind where your smiling while running after your kids in different directions, yelling you get that one and I will get this one, while they laugh hysterically as they are running faster than you, and remember no sudden gallops over others as you don’t want to spill your drink on anyone! I kid I kid, well kinda.  Thank you to all those memory makers out there, loved seeing your faces last night! xo

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