Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taco Tuesday @ The Paxton ”Covenant Heavenly Isle” Pad

Tonight was our weekly Taco Tuesday but tonight we switched it up and headed over to Covenant Heavenly Isle to The Paxtons Pad… Can you gimmie a OH YEAH… Super fun as always and the food was so yummy, Margaritas and Sommers homemade Sangria yum yum yummy… OH and who brought the PIE... (enter shameless pat on back) YUM! The kids all had a blast between the trampoline, spa, theater, all of the new toys… they all had insta smiles… lots of new people tonight aka newbies and the good ol' besties = so much fun.  Thank you to "The Paxtons" you ROCKED it tonight… love you both! CHEERS to fun, smiles & giggles with friends… Till next week.

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