Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carlzen Family 4th of July Pool Party

Today was The Carlzen Family’s 4th of July Pool Party. I know I know it’s the 3rd but we like to celebrate. We were all in the pool the whole time which was awesome. The water was so warm it was crazy! The babies loved the water, well Miya not so much but she loved the idea of it. Bode was a crazy man he needed a hand & eye on him AT ALL TIMES. He even went on the slide several times until it seemed a little dangerous as his butterball body parts would stick to the sides causing us to think he could flip. That’s when all the “fun slide time” stopped for the little guy.  He was not at all happy about this but was deferred with food, easy peasy.  Kaidin was having the time of his life and was practicing swimming and all kinds of tricks, you know the kind of tricks that mommy can’t watch for fear of someone getting hurt, yep those ones. The FOOD, did I mention the FOOD, it was all so good. It is always is so YUMMY! We all ate way too much. A great time was had by all.

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