Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meet the "Rookie Ball" Dodgers 2012

Today was super fun, it was meet the new team day!
So excited for a GREAT Season! Mike is Assistant Coaching and I am Co-Team Mom'ing...
That makes for one very happy little Dodger!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

38 is GREAT… and I want to live in a winery!

This last weekend I went with the girls to celebrate my SISTERS Birthday in Temecula Wine Tasting.  We tasted, tasted, giggled, danced (when the music guy was not on break), people watched, sang happy birthday (with the whole winery), received free stuff due to a hot pink boa (just sayin’ it works), lost stuff (no comment), giggled, ate hot yummy brie, tasted more, ran from rain sprinkles, brought home ridiculously delicious bunt cakes and most of all had an amazing time with great friends and family.  I had the best time spending quality time with these 3 then I have in a LONG LONG time. Much love to Angela, Kim & Courtney. 38 is GREAT… and I want to live in a winery! Until next year JONES.