Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taco Tuesday on the LANE 6/28

Tonight was super fun as always.
Great friends, drinks, yummy food, giggles and
the pitter patter of what sounds like 10,000 feet (aka all of our kids running).
The enchiladas were super yummy and so was everything else everyone brought.
LOVE these Taco Tuesdays on the LANE.
Missed a couple faces tonight (you know who you are), hope to see you in two weeks.
Happy 4th of July (if we don’t see you).
AND now it’s off to our nights pictures.

Pillow Fight

Last night Kaidin had a little slumber party with his cousins.
Here are some pictures to sum it up…
It all started with pictures like this:

AND then went to this… are you in the CLUB?
BUT ended with this once they were all back at home:
AS you can see from the LAST photo a GOOD TIME was had by all.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fat Boys Hip Hop

Today was Kaidin aka Ranger Dangers “Fat Boys” Hip Hop Performance. He was so excited it was ridiculous in an adorable way. They had been practicing for weeks and he was ready to be on stage with his friends. HERE is the video of the dress REHERSAL from last night, we were not allowed to tape the actual performance or take any photos but you can still see them bust a move from rehearsal. They all did awesome and we were so proud of him.
We had to be there an hour early so we took a picture before we left.

Then before checking-in.

Final bow.
We went to
with Grandma Stein to Celebrate after the show.
The food was yummy and the ambiance was even better.
Great job Kaidin, we love you and are so proud of the little man you are!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a little walk in the harbor...

Tonight after dinner we took the kids down to Dana Point to walk around the Harbor and get an ice-cream.   3 VERY happy little MESSY campers they were…

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Today was Kaidins LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL! He has gone to preschool for two years now and is SO ready to move on. We are so proud of him; he really does enjoy school and is ready to be with the big kids now. He is very excited and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds. He is going to miss his Teachers that he and we loved dearly. He is also going to miss all of his friends as they all seem to be going in different directions next year.

As everyone already knows he will miss Ashley & Taylor I think the most, OH you don’t know? who are they you ask… HIS GIRLFRIENDS, YEP both of them and they are great friends. We spent a WHOLE year talking about them on a daily basis. Love those girls and their families. Very sweet and Kaidin keeps them both on a pedestal and I think he always will.

We took him to

For a SEE YA PRESCHOOL celebration. We all had fun and can’t wait till next year!


BEHIND every photo there is a story... this is my story...

Kaidin & his sidekick Cayden started building this LEGO Castle and asked me to help them, so I got comfy on the floor with them and started building, then they stood up and went next door to Caydens house while I sat in a quiet house finishing what was started (that’s what I do you see) THEN the hubby that works from home came out of his office to get a drink out of the kitchen and passed me in the living room on the floor, to find me ALL by myself building this LEGO Castle... AND he says " WOW... Good job babe, I would help you build that up but I actually have a job"... I couldn’t stop laughing and he was seriously looking at me is disbelief that I was really sitting on the floor, by myself, building a castle… what doesn’t everyone??? I kid I kid but it still makes me giggle. With all that said we will be getting more LEGOs soon, now I see why he says “mom, we really need MORE”. Your wish is about to come true buddy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tonight was our Weekly TACO TUESDAY on the LANE and it was FUN as always.
Tonight we had potato & BBQ tacos and they were oh so yummy,
I was on rice duty again and it was spicy but good.
I missed a couple of faces tonight (shout out to The Smiths & The Paxtons),
everyone is always such great company and it’s fun to meet up with everyone and all the kids.
Tonight I wasn’t really myself.
I had so much stuff to do and so much on my mind
on top of being tired so we called it an early night…
I will call myself out SHAME SHAME on ME, sorry Sommer, you know I love you!
The kids all had fun as you can tell from the pictures.
The BOYS are a crackup but you gotta keep a close eye on them…
sneaky little guys I tell you!
Love to all... see you next week.