Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tonight was our Weekly TACO TUESDAY on the LANE and it was FUN as always.
Tonight we had potato & BBQ tacos and they were oh so yummy,
I was on rice duty again and it was spicy but good.
I missed a couple of faces tonight (shout out to The Smiths & The Paxtons),
everyone is always such great company and it’s fun to meet up with everyone and all the kids.
Tonight I wasn’t really myself.
I had so much stuff to do and so much on my mind
on top of being tired so we called it an early night…
I will call myself out SHAME SHAME on ME, sorry Sommer, you know I love you!
The kids all had fun as you can tell from the pictures.
The BOYS are a crackup but you gotta keep a close eye on them…
sneaky little guys I tell you!
Love to all... see you next week.

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