Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teachers/Class GIFTS oh my…

Is it really that time?!?! The time that I tell Kaidin “this is your LAST DAY of Preschool”.
I can’t believe that it’s here. My baby boy is growing up and he is beyond ready.
We are so proud of him.
Tonight we needed something to whip up really quick ,
mostly because I waited until the very last minute
so I ran over to a couple of my FAVORITE ”Go To” BLOGS
and found some cute little printables… 
I hope Kaidin’s little friends and Teachers enjoy there little gifts.
I know that Kaidin values each of their friendships
and he LOVED his 3 Teachers this Year!
We were very blessed…
For Kaidin’s friends we did lips & stache dum dums with little personal label tags
that have his # on them for playdates in the Summer.

Lips & Stach’s printables are HERE
we went with STARBUCKS as we know they love a little coffee here and there…
Thanks a Latte printable cards are HERE
Till next year...

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Dolli-Mama said...

Love this! It's so stinking cute!