Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BEHIND every photo there is a story... this is my story...

Kaidin & his sidekick Cayden started building this LEGO Castle and asked me to help them, so I got comfy on the floor with them and started building, then they stood up and went next door to Caydens house while I sat in a quiet house finishing what was started (that’s what I do you see) THEN the hubby that works from home came out of his office to get a drink out of the kitchen and passed me in the living room on the floor, to find me ALL by myself building this LEGO Castle... AND he says " WOW... Good job babe, I would help you build that up but I actually have a job"... I couldn’t stop laughing and he was seriously looking at me is disbelief that I was really sitting on the floor, by myself, building a castle… what doesn’t everyone??? I kid I kid but it still makes me giggle. With all that said we will be getting more LEGOs soon, now I see why he says “mom, we really need MORE”. Your wish is about to come true buddy!

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