Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fat Boys Hip Hop

Today was Kaidin aka Ranger Dangers “Fat Boys” Hip Hop Performance. He was so excited it was ridiculous in an adorable way. They had been practicing for weeks and he was ready to be on stage with his friends. HERE is the video of the dress REHERSAL from last night, we were not allowed to tape the actual performance or take any photos but you can still see them bust a move from rehearsal. They all did awesome and we were so proud of him.
We had to be there an hour early so we took a picture before we left.

Then before checking-in.

Final bow.
We went to
with Grandma Stein to Celebrate after the show.
The food was yummy and the ambiance was even better.
Great job Kaidin, we love you and are so proud of the little man you are!

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