Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rocking the Angel Game...

So much fun...
friends, diamond club,
drinks, laughs,
Laura Diaz, more laughs

photo with my husband

What an awesome night with great friends… Del Mar Race Track ponies and a Common Sense concert. So many funny times too much to list. But just so it is in writing for Ry. The answer is NO we were not in the first row of the concert… they were 12… anyone have parents? Yes, you can take your photo with my husband and has anyone heard from Ched?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does a girl really need this many bows?

I have been on the search for a “bow” board for Miya and have not liked anything that I have seen and they were all super expensive. So I bought a board, some shabby material I liked and some ribbon and went to work with my staple gun. 20 minutes later this is what I got, well it took me another 20 minutes to add all of her bows! Does a girl really need this many bows? I think not but well just go with yes! (the ribbon I used is a matte shiny so it throws the flash off so its hard to really see the fabric)

Jennifer of Tatertots & Jello = BlogFrog FROGGY HUNT

Today lilsteinstyles
was featured on Jennifer of Tatertots & Jello's
BLOG (one of my favorites) in her BlogFrog FROGGY HUNT ....
Check out the details below... xo

Here is a link as well:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bumble Bags Photo Shoot

I am excited to announce that Miya & Bode were chosen to be "Bumble Bags" models. Today was the Photo Shoot at Newport Cottages at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. We were at the photo shoot for seven hours. These were the only photos I had time to take on my camera all day. On the way, on lunch & on break. What an amazing (exhausting) experience. I feel so blessed that Miya & Bode were chosen as there models, the owners are incredibly generous caring people and the new line they have coming out in October is beyond FABULOUS.
I can’t wait to see all the photos, new catalog and website.

Check out Bumble Bags at the following links:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

masked kids

WHO are these masked kids?
Taking dress up to a whole new level!

Heather Fairfield & Julie Bartolomeo

Heather Fairfield & Julie Bartolomeo
Thank you for your orders.
Your shirts are complete & are being shipped tomorrow.

mullet fro hawk dread back

Bode's 1st haircut/trim of the mullet fro hawk dread back (BEFORE) & (AFTER) at 15 months 5 days. He was such a good boy and all the girls loved him. He only cried towards the end when she was trying to trim his curly dreads in the back…. What a good boy, mommy was so pound of him for being such a big boy.

Orioles VS. SoCal Brewers

Game Day
Orioles VS. SoCal Brewers today @2pm
Good Luck Boys!
UPDATE: Scores to come

Happy Birthday "Braden & Brogen"

Happy Birthday BOYS.
We had a great time today at Chuck-e-Cheese.
A BIG Thank You to the Delva's!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

almost pee'd my pants

So much fun "wiggin out" with family & besties last night for my BUNCO birthday! You all ROCK. I laughed so hard at times I almost pee'd my pants! BIG SHOUT OUT to Precious, Kitty, Kat & Annie... YEP in CA we roll to bars with wigs on. Thats just how we do it. They don't do that in Rhode Island? Hmmm... ♥ Peaches

Thursday, July 22, 2010

monster named was Keko

Kaidin and I have started a new little thing where I start a story and he fills in the blanks, we call it “write a story” time. The italicized/bold parts are what Kaidin fills in… He loves doing this because his imagination is overfilled with awesome~ness! Here is our 1st story…

There once was a monster who was attacked by a knight. He ran and ran and went home. When he got home he went to sleep and took a nap because he was very tired. When he got up he played choo choo tracks with his mommy, daddy & baby brother & sister because it was family game night. The monsters name was Keko but spelled “Kiodw” and he looked like a dragon. He was green with blue eyes just like Miya. He was a very nice dragon. Keko got very hungry and ate some oatmeal, it was really really good. The END!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Angela Jones

Custom outfit size 2T
KOTO Print ruffle initial “J” boy beater tank
Matching crop GAP ruffle bottom jeans

Just another morning