Monday, July 5, 2010

This was taken 9.22.09

These last few days have been so hard. It was 4th of July weekend, a weekend of parties and celebrations and we have been trying to hold back the tears and celebrate with family & friends when in the back of our minds have been Mikes mom and grandma. We all have such heavy hearts right now. Grandma is not doing so well. She has been so up and down in the last month and it’s so hard to watch. I think the hardest part is explaining everything as best we can to Kaidin who really just doesn’t get it. He knows she is “sick” or not feeling well and he wants to see her so badly which now is not a good time, will there be a next time? A better time? It’s so hard to see someone you love so much in so much pain. Poor grandma has no idea what is going on and when you talk to her it’s as if she’s looking right through you. When she talks its not to you its to the “people” she thinks are there with us in the room. When she giggles it makes us smile, still not having a clue what the giggle was for. When she see’s the babies she is so happy but also has no idea who they are. This is just so heartbreaking to watch. I can’t stop thinking about her and my mother in law that we love so dearly go through such a hard time. Were all a little stressed and trying not to take it out on each other. My wish for grandma is that she have strength, happiness and peace.
This is one of my FAVORITE photos.
This was taken 9.22.09 and is GG holding Bode’s feet.

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