Monday, July 5, 2010


1. Mommy’s favorite color? WHITE
2. Daddy’s favorite color? RED
3. Daddy do for work? Looks on the computer and inside peoples houses
4. Your favorite thing to do? “game night” with mommy & daddy
5. State do we live in? California
6. City do we live in? I don’t remember
7. Grow up what do you want to be? A skate board ramp guy
8. Favorite sport? Baseball
9. Favorite player? Daddy, when he hits a home run
10. Favorite thing about mommy? When she doesn’t have to sew and we play
11. Favorite thing about daddy? When he hangs out and plays with me
12. Favorite time of the day? Bedtime when we read family stories
13. Favorite thing you did today? 1st day of summer camp
14. Your BFF? Kayla
15. Favorite food? Pizza
16. Favorite restaurant? Hooters
17. Favorite store? The one with fruits & vegetables with the tiny carts
18. Where does cheese come from? A mouse
19. Favorite animal? A lion “rrraaarrrr”
20. Looking forward to most this summer? AYSO soccer camp

1 comment:

RenaeF said...

Hooters... haha that's too funny! Love it!