Thursday, July 22, 2010

monster named was Keko

Kaidin and I have started a new little thing where I start a story and he fills in the blanks, we call it “write a story” time. The italicized/bold parts are what Kaidin fills in… He loves doing this because his imagination is overfilled with awesome~ness! Here is our 1st story…

There once was a monster who was attacked by a knight. He ran and ran and went home. When he got home he went to sleep and took a nap because he was very tired. When he got up he played choo choo tracks with his mommy, daddy & baby brother & sister because it was family game night. The monsters name was Keko but spelled “Kiodw” and he looked like a dragon. He was green with blue eyes just like Miya. He was a very nice dragon. Keko got very hungry and ate some oatmeal, it was really really good. The END!

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