Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rock of LOVE = Happy Halloween

This is the first year the twins will be trick-or-treating and they were very excited. EVEN Miya was ready to go! We went as a 80”s ROCKER family of 5 this year and all 3 of the kids were digging the costumes.

Miya & Bode did so go trick-or-treating and Kaidin ran ahead with all of his cousins & friends and really didn’t want any part of mommy & daddy this year. Made me a little sad, my little man is growing up!

We went to our annual "Jones Halloween Party" and it was a BLAST as usual.

A BIG Happy 7th Birthday to Tyler and a BIG (?) to Darlena…

Mike & I were feeling like we just stepped off the Rock of LOVE tour bus… BUT we just went with it. Mike was really looking the part…

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today Kaidin got his cast off... he was so happy and so was mommy...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WC Bigfoot

Well Mike is off to play again this year in the MSBL World Series in Tempe Arizona which leaves the 4 of us "roughing it" without him...

We do this every year but for some reason I never seem to get used to it.
This year they are " Westcoast Bigfoot".
Team Photo:
A BIG shout out to the team "GOOD LUCK GUYS", hope you kick some booty...

We took our 1st "ring" off the "whens daddy coming home" chain this morning...

Here are some of the fields they are playing on...
Maryvale, spring training site of the Milwaukee Brewers

Autry park...Home of the AZ Rattlers

Goodyear stadium. Springtraining home of the Reds and Indians

Tempe diablo stadium. Sringtraining home of the Angels

Scottsdale springtraining home of the San Francisco Giants

Westcoast Bigfoots SCORES:
Game 1 ~ LOST 7-12
Game 2 ~ WON 12-8
Game 3 ~ WON 16-7
Game 4 ~ LOST 24-5
Game 5 ~ WON 18-9
Game 6 ~ LOST 11-1
Game 7 ~ LOST 16-8

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ONE handed PUMPKINS with mommy

I'm not sure what we were thinking. POOR Kaidin tried SO hard to do his pumpkin ONE handed but ended up almost in tears. Well finish tomorrow, his hand was tired...

We finished our pumpkins. "b" for Bode, "polkadots" for Miya & "k" for Kaidin...

Just look at this pair

Loving and sharing before we were born,
Trials and tests together we bore,
Living and laughing our lives we share,
People say, Just look at this pair!
Two separate people, but hard to compare.
The tricks we will play, Oh what can we say?
Were glad we were born a twin on that special April day!

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We had so much fun today at the Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch...
This was the first year the babies ran around with no stroller. They were so good.
We rode the train, took some photos and picked out a couple pumpkins… We are so blessed with our 3 little miracle babies. We love you!