Friday, October 1, 2010

road trip 2010 day 10

Today was so much fun… We took a little drive this morning with our coffee and Mike showed us some stuff from when he lived here. It was about 8 years ago and so much has changed.

Kaidin used his “souvenir” money from grandma Cheryl to buy himself his first fishing pole & gear and then we headed up to this little lake to see if he could catch anything. It was so beautiful here. Mike taught Kaidin how to fish and throw his own line out. He is such a natural (must get this from his mommy). He had a blast. We didn’t catch anything and trust me, he will let you know “We didn’t catch ONE thing” as he says over and over. We had lots of laughs and fun.

The babies played in the pack and play play yard while fighting over raisins and juice and also laughing and smiling because that’s what they do best!

We went back to hotel & cleaned up and then headed over to Mikes good friends house for a BBQ. The made us the best dinner, they are such great people and good friends. The kids all had so much fun playing with there kids. They are all about the same age and all played very well together.

Bode definitely found his pick:

Core, Mikes Bestie was also able to stop by after work for some dinner and to say hello. He was super stoked about that.

Good Night….

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