Saturday, October 2, 2010

road trip 2010 day 11

Well today was spent ALL day in the hotel room. The day started out good. We all woke up and the babies were as happy as could be:

We had a big BBQ planned with our friends from Utah today. They went out of there way to get everyone together so that we could all spend some great time together but after all getting ready & getting the car packed we were driving to the BBQ and our poor little Bode started getting very sick. Throwing up all over the car. It was horrible. We had to pull over and strip him down then we headed off to the car wash to wash what we could. The smell alone was HORRIBLE.
We were able to stop by and drop our food off but then we headed back to the hotel room. Poor Bode was dry heaving for 3 hours. We called his Pedi in California and were told to take him to Urgent Care here in Utah. We were there maybe 5 minutes and the noticed his breathing with the dry heaving was not good. They took him in immediately and gave him a shot in his little thunder thigh that stopped the dry heaves. He was so happy when they stopped. He gave us some medicine to take on the road, yes, did I mention TOMORROW morning was our big drive from Utah to Vegas…. YEPPERS! Well on the way to take Bode back to the hotel I started to feel queasy. I was thinking it was from the 95 degree heat baking all of the throw up in the car. Once we got to the hotel I thought I would lay down and within an hour was also throwing up. Mike took Miya & Kaidin to go was the “sick” clothes and car seat covers while Bode & I tried to sleep it off. When they returned Bode & I were feeling a little better but then Kaidin was throwing up now. At this point Mike and I were awaiting Ashton Kutcher from “PUNKED” to run out and say “HA Gotcha”… But NO this was our day… Good night..

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