Saturday, October 9, 2010

BUNCO night aka DRUNKO

It was BUNCO night aka DRUNKO (as my dad & our husbands tend to call it)… Tonight was our monthly friends and family BUNCO. We had a blast as always. Angela was the hostest with the mostest and she had some of the cutest Halloween stuff EVA as always. She is very crafty and you know me… I LOVE that!
Tonights BUNCO was special because my grandma was here visiting and man was she a good roller. Here is just ONE of her BUNCO hat pictures...
Here are some of the BUNCO “hat” pictures (when you get a BUNCO, you wear the hat & have a picture taken)
and of course the WINNERS for the night…
See you next month GIRLIES… OH and there is always some sort of drama (ggod drama) or causality… well tonight was this poor little “NORDY” flip… see you on the flip side flip!

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