Monday, July 19, 2010

Miya & Bode vs. Morgan & Milo

Today I got Miya & Bode there first real pair of shoes, (they have had shoes but not walked in them) these are the first REAL shoes… Miya has been walking for awhile and Bode is really trying and as of today is almost fully walking (we can’t wait to show Laura, Bodes ROCKING therapist tomorrow). When I put the shoes on the kids they look so grown up. Miya is in LOVE with her shoes. She loves anything that sparkles or has flowers. She is such a girlie girl, which makes mommy very happy. Now Bode on the other hand wants to check them out, see if there are edible and what exactly they should be used for! I am in love with Morgan & Milo… Here are the first pair… until we meet again…

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