Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tonight was back to school night for my little Ranger Danger.  I cannot believe that this is his last year of preschool although he is so ready to go to Kindergarten. We had parent teacher conferences last week and he had such an awesome report.  She said he is great to have in class, follows directions, completes his work and is a leader out on the playground. Which is awesome to hear, because he doesn’t do any of that at home.  (laughing) But with all of that said we are so very proud of him and can’t wait to watch him grow into the handsome, smart, loving little man that he is becoming. We love you Kaidin.
Some pictures I took off the teachers board of Kaidin throughout the year with school friends.
Some of Kaidin’s work:  crafts, writing, cutting, and coloring skills.
 Two of Kaidin’s three Teachers.  
 Plants they were growing that he was excited to show us…  
 His little yearly letter…  

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