Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July ~ Part 1

We wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY 4th of July.
We hope this day is filled with love, giggles, family,
food & friends and not forgetting the reason we celebrate.

Happy Birthday America.
From sea to shining sea, you are beautiful. Your people are wise, kind and generous. Your solders are brave, and stand strong for what is right. You are a beacon of light for dark areas that reach far past your shores.I am so proud and know how blessed I am to be one of your citizens. Wishing you peace, joy, prosperity and all the wonderful things you and always.

This morning with coffee in hand and with 3 smiling monsters
we walked down to put our blankets out
and see some friends in the 5k and kids 1k. YEP, I said “see” not run… I know I know.
Happy 4th everyone…
We can't wait to celebrate with our friends tonight...
more pictures to come. It's NAP time!

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