Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bonfire Beach Party

Today was our Bonfire Beach Party at The Hoffman Hotel aka the Mom & Dad’s house. A BIG THANK YOU to them for letting me host there and for all the energy, effort & help they gave me with the kids and everyone. It was so much fun, possibly minus the 50 trips up the hill I made but who is counting right?! Even a 3 legged cart was pushed to the limit. Madi can attest as well, you hold the potty, until it is a MUST. The kids especially had a blast; they couldn’t get enough of the water and ran themselves out. There were lots of laughs, usually at my expense but that’s ok. I BIG apology to Eric for the taking of the chairs but hey this sisters trying to help a buddy out. I am so happy everyone came out, ate a ton, had smores, played in the water, took a million photos and made memories… That’s what the point was. Remember… were making memories people making memories! OH BUT biggest memory of the night besides the taking of the chairs was Tyler losing a tooth to his sister on the swings. Poor little guy, she was very sorry and the tooth fairy I hear was making a visit…
Lots of love to all of my friends & family who came out today. Muah!   

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Sommer said...

We had the BESTEST day at the beach with you guys. My littlest one was beyond fabulous, considering it was her 1st time at the beach. I love you guys!

Sommer, Levi & The Kids