Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mom, you killed him

Today the kids wanted to go out in the backyard really early and it was freezing outside but they did a fair share of “mommy pleases” and I caved. They dressed themselves (with Kaidin’s fashion help) and headed out to play. I took some funny pictures of the super cool outfits they were sporting, loving how Miya was rocking her pink boots, and Kaidin’s 2 sized too small rainboots,  but they were having fun so who cares! Not me that is fo sho! Bode found a cute little snail and he was so proud to show me.  They all 3 came running with HUGE smiles. I went to “look” at what he had in his hand and he closed his hand really tight in the fear that I was going to take it from him and we all heard a loud “CRUNCH”.  In my mommy head I was thinking “oh crap”. Then he opened his hand and poor little snail wasn’t looking so good. You can see Bode’s “OH” face in the last photo. Miya was in total shock and Kaidin had a tear running down his face. He said “mom, you killed him”. I felt so bad and assured Kaidin he was going to be ok. We all let him go back to his family on the bush we found him on… then we all went in the house… The END!

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