Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Jones Annual Easter Bash

Our Easter day was perfect. Minus that we were unable to see both Grandma’s on this day but all in all it was perfect. Papa was there to represent Grandma Cheryl while she was visiting Aunt Diana and Grandma Stein had a great day at Aunt Mary’s (this made us feel a little better).  Did I mention Miya & Bode said Papa for the first time two days ago. SO CUTE… We headed over to The Jones for the annual Easter Bash and had a ton of fun as always.  
The guys got to watch some of the game...
This was before & after "Tylers Scheduled Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard"
 Here are the kids during the "backyard hill egg hunt"...  can you see em' can you see em'
 We had the annual Egg Hunt from the Easter Bunny...
 This was the cutest thing. Bode was so gentle and tried blowing it out but just kept spitting on her. It was so funny but cute at the same time!
 The Diva & Ranger Danger
 Our family of 5...
Now we all know it’s not a party until someone aka Kaidin aka Ranger Danger gets hurt. Earlier in the day he fell backwards onto a banister on the stairs while messing around with his cousin.  After Uncle Mike (our in-house personal Medic doctored his back scratch and the tears were cleared) he went in the backyard to play with some water guns. Well when I heard the big splash, without even looking I just knew it was him… shoes and all.
The Stein Family has entered the premises. 
 I hope that everyone had a blessed Easter...

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