Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grandma & Papa are COOL

Tonight we went over to Grandma  & Papas house for a last minute dinner.  The kids LOVE Grandma & Papas house. The kids think “Papa” is so cool, oh so many reasons… here are just a few… He is a Fire Captain (retired now), he surfs (who else can say that papa surfs), lives at the beach, has a million surf boards oh and paddles too, has a motorized bike with a surf rack, travels all over… oh boy… this list could go on and on. Kaidin wants to GROW up to be Papa, a full time Papa. If only he knew just how much he is loved by these 3 little people. OH and don’t forget Grandma, she spoils them and they know just how to get what they want from her!  It was a great night as always…

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