Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anyone seen a GROM running around here?

Do you have a GROM or lil GROM running around in your house?
A friend? A cousin? Anyone Anyone? Here is the perfect little play tee for that lil dude …
Each play tee is made as ordered. This is just a fun play tee with a simple custom iron-on design. All shirts have been prewashed prior to design.
These little tees are available in the following sizes:

0-3 onesie 8-12 lbs.
3-6 onesie 12-16 lbs.
6-9 onesie 16-20 lbs.
12 month onesie 20-24 lbs.
18 month onesie 24-28 lbs.
24 month onesie 28-32 lbs.
size 2-4 tee
size 6-8 tee
10-12 tee

At time of purchase please let me know what size shirt and or onesie you would like along with how you would like your tee to read (GROM or lil GROM and name) to read. Please allow up to 3 business days (M-F only) for production as each tee is made when ordered.

New GROM and lil GROM play tee's now in the store...

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