Friday, January 28, 2011

PGA Golf Tourney @ Torrey Pines

Today we went to the PGA Golf Tourney at Torrey Pines. It was the hubbies birthday and we took Kaidin… he loves GOLF (which makes daddy very proud) and his favorite players are Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler. We made a point to find them today. Kaidin was such a good boy. When Tiger passed by us he yelled “Good Job Tiger”. It was very cute and everyone got a good laugh in. We actually saw ourselves on TV tonight too (7th hole) which was pretty cool. The weather was beautiful and the day could not have been better.

We parked and waited in this line and then took this bus to the tourney which dropped us off at the front door. Kaidin thought the bus was AWESOME! He said this was the best surprise day ever.

Here are some photos of my little man messing around, some before, during & after shots.

He loves his mommy & daddy and we LOVE him!

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