Friday, January 14, 2011

Disneyland w/ da Smiths

Tonight we went to Disneyland with the super oh so fabulous Smith family…
It was Mike & I, Kaidin and Kayla, our niece.
The twins stayed home with Grandma Stein and wore her out;
although she says they are “ANGELS”, hmmm… they must turn into “ANGELS”
when we leave the house.
We had so much fun and Kaidin was so happy to have quality time with mommy & daddy.

The kids were all so good and wore themselves out for
sure as you can see in this before & after… A good time was had by all…

Although it is never a REAL party unless the infamous “Ranger Danger” shows up. Kaidin thought he would try on of his ever so popular drive onto concrete rocks head first and ended up with this little treasure. This photo was taken after he fell asleep but in the morning was almost gone.
This boy is ALL BOY fo sho!

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