Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pediatric Cancer = AWARENESS

I wanted to share the below

link’s and information with everyone for a very special friend.
It is to raise the awareness of Pediatric Cancer.
The link below is an amazing story of a friend from high school's wife, Kristin,
a story of her survival from Pediatric Cancer.

I also wanted to share this fundraiser link (see below) for the
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Run/walk that is happening on May 1st.

What are you going to do to make a difference???


Nancy Donnelly said...

I am a singer/songwriter and the mother of a young son undergoing treatment for High Risk ALL.
I have just released a beautiful CD called Lyrics from the Heart. My small foundation is in the process of distributing CD's to hospitals throuhgout the US as a complimentary gift. The Cd is intended to offer a message of hope and strength to newly diagnosed families. For more information please visit
Thank you.

Jen {Tiny Oranges} said...

THANK YOU for this post and for helping to spread the word....

I can't wait to see what Team Tiny Oranges is going to be able to do by May 1st!

I hope anyone out there reading this might be inspired to join us!

Thanks again!!!!!!