Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bode ate all of his

This morning Bode ate all of his yogurt & granola, banana and oranges faster than everyone else in the family (shocking I know) so I gave him a few cinnamon fiber oat O’s to keep him happy while everyone else finished breakfast. While he was content and not whiney or crying he sat staring at his sister as if he was deprived and not given enough food. He wasn’t complaining but they already have this thing where they just “look” at each other and they connect on some level no one else knows. So after a few minutes of Bode batting his little fat eyelashes at his sister she caved… She decided to share her yogurt with him and was actually feeding him by herself. He was so happy and grateful to her, you could see it on his little smiling face. The LOVE they have for each other is so special and we can’t wait to watch the 3 of our children grow up to be the special kind hearted,
grateful little monsters they are… wishing everyone a great day…

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