Friday, September 24, 2010

road trip 2010 day 3...

We started our day with pure JOY.

It was a LONG day. We drove about 460 miles, which took us 10 hours with all of our stops. The kids were so good. They played with there toys, we had dance party and we sang songs, the also slept a lot too. We can not believe how good they were.

We drove in the most beautiful areas but with not too much but the same stuff to look at.
We had lots of laughs. Mostly about the names of the streets, towns, signs ect. I tried to catch some of them before we passed them all.

We made it as far as we wanted for today and are all checked in and ready for bed in our hotel. We only have about 4 hours tomorrow until we arrive at the Gill Casa!
See you tomorrow…

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