Monday, September 27, 2010

road trip 2010 day 6

Today we went to play at “Monkey Business”…its kind of like Jumpin Jammin. The kids ran crazy and we had lunch. Ran more errands with Kathlena and got the stuff to make her a “STAR”. The kids had long naps today and when Tom came home the adults all went to watch the “Packer” game at a local PUB for Monday night football. The kids were all fast asleep before we left and the nanny looked after them…She is so sweet and the kids really love her. Especially Bode, he LOVES giving her kisses. I think that he is mesmerized by her beauty and long beautiful hair… Pretty cute. After a few drinks Kathlena and I came home and she finished her star. Wanted to go crazy with the Modge Podge after a couple drinks. Fun times… Another night in bed before 10pm. Were having a great vacation and are enjoying every second of our visit here… See you tomorrow…

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