Tuesday, September 28, 2010

road trip 2010 day 7

Today was a fun day we went to breakfast before the twins woke up (so auntie could listen for them) at a cute little restaurant called “The EGG & I”, it was just Mike, I, Kaidin and we took Madison with us, the kids were so cute and so good for us.

We then headed home to meet Kathlena & the nanny, she packed our lunch & we all headed off to the “wildlife experience”. This place was so cool. The kids all had a blast and enjoyed seeing all of the animals and fun stuff.

One the way home we passed a whole field of prairie dogs… they are so cute… they were all standing up watching us drive by…

After naps we packed up the kids and took an hour drive to have dinner with Nicole & Jim and there son Traiden. Jim BBQ’d for us while we watched the kids cause havoc with lots of laughs in between. We miss them so much, it was really nice spending a little bit if time here with them before we left Colorado.

Night… see you tomorrow…

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