Friday, September 24, 2010

road trip 2010 days 1 & 2...

and were off.. on the road again… we got a little later start than we thought but that’s ok. Were headed off to Vegas to see Grandma, Aunt Diana, Uncle Leon, my cousin Erik and my bestie “partner in crime” from high school Jennifer, it has been 16 years since I have seen her and I am so excited. The kids were all great in the car. We are so in love with our kids, they amaze us everyday with there independence, strength & happiness.

We got there pretty late and unloaded our mounds & mounds of luggage. We only brought ONE pack-n-play play yard because I thought my Aunt still had one we could borrow. We only had two nights here & the rest of the trips locations we had two cribs confirmed. WELL… Miya was NOT having it. She did not want to share with Bode. Did I mention it was midnight when Miya decided not to share? Bode was cool. He was all sprawled out, face down asleep, looking like a human pin wheel all spread out enjoying being out of the car. While Miya on the other hand was screaming at the top of her lungs, real tears flowing from her cheeks. She kept using her WWF moves she learned from Kaidin and landing on Bode while also stomping her feet as if trying to make wine (for mommy) with grapes all over him! He just slept away. Its now 1:30am. I picked her up and tried to ROCK her in the rocking chair, did I mention this was a grandma sized rocking chair, then I moved to the sofa, did I mention this was a grandma sized sofa, then I moved to the other spare room, did I mention this bed was perfect but next to blinds. Its now 2:45am. She proceeded to sing to me while using the blinds as a violin. UGGHH NOT going to work, I was scared to fall sleep and her fall off the bed. So at 3:32am we went back to the bedroom, I put her back in the pack-n-play play yard she let out one last yelp and PASSED OUT!
Its now 6:00am and I rolled over to check the time and saw 4 little beady eyes looking am me… ma ma ma ma… Good morning! Coffee, smiles, play, lots of No No No’s, quick visit next door to see Auntie and its off to see my bestie aka partner in crime from high school for breakfast as this cute little café the EGG & I. So fun seeing her, I can’t believe it has been so long, hard when you are so close with someone and then you grow up and go separate ways. You would never know that we had been apart 16 years.

We had to make a big decision. BUY another pack-n-play (we have 2 more at home) or just get a hotel for the night. We only got 3 hours sleep last night and its showing on all of us. We decided on the hotel and booked it with cribs in the room. We were now able to relax knowing we would get some good sleep and could enjoy our visit tonight at our dinner get together. We had lots of fun playing in grandmas yard with the family. Everyone wasn’t coming until 6:30pmish and this is the kids bedtime. They were melting down quick after all the playing. We decided to do jammies & dinner and then see if the kids would sleep together, were in Vegas, this is our gambling…LOL. Well they were not in there 10 minutes and were OUT. Did I mention this was after we paid for a hotel??? This is called The Stein LUCK.

We had a great dinner visit with family and friends and then it was off to get a good night sleep…

See you in the morning.

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