Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ROCKING Kindergarten/1st Grade

Kaidin’s first day of Kindergarten/1st Grade was today. He was chosen to do the K/1 Combo class this year due to high ratios, although there are only 8 Kindergarteners out of the whole school doing the combo so we will see if it stays after 10 days. This combo class may be disbursed as there are 39 total but we were told the 1st graders would probably be the first to be moved to make a 1st Grade only class... SO FOR the NEXT 10 days we sit tight and play school. He is so excited to have his own desk, eat lunch with the 1st Graders and have an extended day. Today was just an hour and tomorrow is his full new extended day.  He as well as I LOVE his teacher so we really have our fingers crossed he gets to stay in this class. So proud of my son and the little man he is becoming.

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