Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1 = Kaidin's 1st day of Kindergarten... NO WAY!

Today was Kaidin’s 1st day of Kindergarten. OMG… where has this time gone?! How is it possible he is in Kindergarten already?! He was beyond excited and ready to go weeks, even months before it started. He was placed in a temporary K-1 COMBO class for 10 days until they could figure out the school ratios (did I mention there will be 37 in this class, 8 are Kindergarteners, until settled)… so in 10 days we will find out where he is staying permanently. He is very excited to be in the COMBO class though. You know they get to “hang” with the 1st graders and EAT lunch with them. He is on an extended day with them and thinks it is TOTALLY cool. His teacher is awesome and we have heard great things about her. All in all everyone’s very happy. His 1st day was a ½ day and I got to go and be with him. They got to meet there new classmates, read a book with there new teacher, walk the campus and do a little “if you miss me” project. He really liked that idea but was super ready for day 2 when mom wasn’t with him. TEAR*

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