Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blackout = whatever!

This afternoon/evening was the BIG “Blackout” over here… But the best part is that when it happened we had ran out of the house just for a second to run an errand with no shoes on the twins and whatever on for clothes. I had also spent the morning making homemade chicken tortilla soup and family was coming over for dinner…  WELLL there went that IDEA. The kicker was that we had to install lock chains on all of the doors due to our escape artist under 5 and we use our “automatic” garage to go through the back door. WELL… um that wouldn’t be happening… Do you see a pattern here?! Only in The Stein Family… that’s just how we roll. So we called the sister from another mister and she grabbed her kids and we all headed the opposite way of town down to Yard House for Happy Hour and walked the Spectrum with the kids “waiting it out” and praying it came on soon. We all had lots of fun and some definite memories were made… OH and we were back in by midnight… fun times, fun times…

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