Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you in LOVE with typeset?!

New items NOW in the STORE:
Here is the perfect little play/party tee for your lil diva or lil dude… each tee is made as ordered. LOVING the typeset letters right now… this is just a fun play/party tee with a simple custom typeset letter iron-on design. All shirts have been prewashed prior to design.

Please note: The lil diva tees will also have little ribbon shoulder ties to make them more girlie.
These little tees are available in the following sizes:
0-3 onesie 8-12 lbs.
3-6 onesie 12-16 lbs.
6-9 onesie 16-20 lbs.
12 month onesie 20-24 lbs.
18 month onesie 24-28 lbs.
24 month onesie 28-32 lbs.
size 2-4 tee
size 6-8 tee
10-12 tee

At time of purchase please let me know the following:

1. Boy or Girl
2. Typeset letter
3. Size tee or onesie

Please allow up to 3 business days (M-F) for production as each tee is made when ordered.

And another BIG shout out “Thank You” to the Photographer Erin @ Erin Alfaro Photography! You can find her at the following… She Rocks the Camera:

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