Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ranger Danger vs. bed fall & racetrack = 3 stitches

I’m telling you Ranger Danger is the nickname for a reason. My poor little man! He is such a boys boy, a man’s man… I mean he is one tough little cookie. Tougher than his mommy I know that for sure. Tonight about 2:30am we heard a crash and then a scream and lots of crying. Mike ran into his room as he knew he fell out of bed but then I heard Mike screaming for me and I knew something was wrong. When we flipped the light on poor little Kaidin was back up on his bed with no idea he had blood dripping from his face, he was just holding it and said it hurt. Once he saw it he was freaking out as so was I. I wasn’t such a long gash as a deep one.  When I became a mommy I had to step it up and not be such a sissy but I MUST say the sight of blood and my child screaming makes me queasy! Luckily I married the worlds calmest under control daddy around.  While I panicked, got dressed and called my mom to meet me at the ER, yes at 2:30am, he stopped the bleeding as much as possible and got him dressed. Then off we went. Kaidin was a smiles. Honestly he is such a brave, loving, sincere little guy!
Here are some pictures off before and after. 
Here is to happy, fast and scar less healing.  One can only hope right!?!?  
I love you little man…

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