Friday, May 27, 2011

impromptu last minute “GIRLS NIGHT”

Tonight was a super impromptu last minute “GIRLS NIGHT”. Also a super duper MUCH needed night out to relax and have a drink (or two or three) and LAUGH until it hurt. I must say that tonight exceeded my expectations and most of that was due to the awesome dates I had.
We started at
And had a couple of drinks and yummy appetizers, talking and giggling while awaiting Sommers arrival. Once the little Princess (one of the 3 at the table I must add) had arrived we headed over to see
Did I mention that if I was frisked by the Police I would have been arrested for having 50 pounds of CANDY in my possession. YES, it is true… This movie is a MUST see with the girls. It was so funny! After leaving the theater we “stumbled” upon (not mentioning anyone’s names)
While we stood in a little circle outside the door contemplating the “should we or should we” we went with a YES WE SHOULD and headed in for one more drink and a little booty shaking. Not too much booty shaking as one of us had a little baby bean on board, and I must add she was a total trooper .
Lots of love to the “Princesses” that made my much needed night out one to remember. xo

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You're the BESTEST!!!