Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“mommy of the year” award is a goner...

Today after we came home from our super long day of the kids therapy I got Bode out first and had him on my hip. I went around to the other side of the car to get out Miya and I used my one free hand and I pulled on her arm to help bring her to the top of her car seat so I could grab her to carry her on my other hip into the house and when I did that I heard a loud “POP” noise and she instantly started crying. She was moving her arm a little but was in pain and crying. It was awful! After talking to her Doctor I took her to the ER. Her little elbow popped out of socket. The ER doctor popped it right back in and she was happy as could be. Not one more tear, all smiles and eating up all the ER’s gram crackers (as seen in the smiling photo to the right below). The doctor said that this happens all of the time and is very common, making me feel like less like a horrible mother… well I guess my “mommy of the year” award is a goner… LOL. After all the tears from Miya & I am happy to say we are all doing great… Here is my happy lil DIVA waiting for our discharge instructions to go home… PS she hated that bracelet, even though it was pink.

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