Saturday, February 12, 2011

“Jessie's western round-up"

Today we went to Sienna’s 3rd Birthday “Jessie's western round-up" Party.
It was just Miya & I and she had so much fun.
It was such a cute party and they did such a great job as always. You can see in the pictures how much fun Miya had. I was so proud of her today, the whole time I kept thinking to myself “OMG I wish Tony (her OT therapist) could see her right now”, she did so good. I was so proud of her. She sat at the table with all of the girls, didn’t eat, but that’s ok, there was a lot going on.
She rode a pony ALL by herself around the little loopy loop…
She was smiles all day…
Happy 3rd Birthday Sienna, I hope you enjoyed your party.
We had so much fun... xo

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