Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little shopping crazy party of seven please

WOW, today was a great day. We drove to the Carlsbad Outlets… How I spent my day with a couple photos…

1. Hubby waking up late for his game & running out the door

2. Ink pen explosion in the dryer, requiring a new drum be installed pronto (completed)
3. MIL & Aunt coming over to save me to actually get dressed to go out for the day in public
4. A little cleaning for the Cleaning lady & her rescue making me smile
5. Loading the car with five kids in car seats & losing the address to where we were going only to find it later after arriving at the destination under Madison’s booty.

6. Pulling over on the freeway as child #1 in the 3 row has somehow gotten his leg stuck in a fetal position and is in a dangerous situation. I had to crawl through the back on the trunk & Madison through the front, making BOTH of us have to work like “Brownies” to shimmy him into his seatbelt without harm.
7. One million “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirtsy”, “I want that”, “mom”
8. Getting off the freeway, going out of the way to find the MIL & Auntie that were following us before pulling over for seatbelt mission.
9. RED gummy bear stuck to Miya’s booty causing Madison to think she was pooped on (priceless).
10. Beer? Do any of these restaurants serve BEER? Yep!
11. Super great deals and fun shopping
12. Potty break – 30 minutes later
13. Kaidin whipping out a “treasure” from his pocket a few minutes after leaving Ralph Lauren. (marched right back in there to return the “key chain” “treasure” he found on the floor with no tags)
14. Madison being asked if she knew the Octomom while waiting with the 2 strollers & 4 kids while I was busy marching Kaidin to Ralph Lauren. (guess the guy was Octomoms neighbor)
That was funny…

I had such a fun day… I say ROADTRIP! LOL I kid I kid

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UtahMillers said...

The last photo is so adorable! The little girl is obviously happy to be shopping and it appears that the dudes are just along for the ride! Ha ha ha...some things never change do they?