Monday, February 28, 2011

A little bruised smiling face

Today was not a fun day… The kids were all playing and I was in the babies room making beds, picking up toys , ect. Bode & Miya were helping make messes while I cleaned. I was making the beds when it got very quiet over in one of the corners. I looked over to see Bode reaching under one of the dressers that sits up a couple inches on peg legs doing what I assumed was reaching for a toy that rolled under the dresser. I continued to finish making the beds and then I looked back at them again and saw that Bode had pulled the extension cord which has all the baby monitors plugged into it OUT FROM WAY UNDER the dresser (I didn’t even know he could reach that far). When he dropped his toy and looked under he must have seen it and went for it. Within seconds I went to get it from him but it was too late. I watched him bite down on the cord and he let out a horrible scream that will forever be in my mind. I grabbed the cord and it was super wet from his teething drool. He cried and cried but seemed ok. I shoved the cord back under without looking at it just because I wanted to take care of Bode. After a long while he stopped crying. It was the saddest cry. All seemed ok and we ate lunch. At lunch I noticed his eyelids starting to turn black & blue. I called his pediatrician that said we needed to bring him in. I took him in and two doctors evaluated him and sent us to the ER for more test. My poor little man! I have to say he was happy as could be, smiling away and saying “HI” to everyone. The ER was very nice, took us right away but the ER doctor confessed that they only see about 4 patients a year with this situation (YEP! That would be my family). So he had to call the Burn Center and Poison Control to see what to do with little Bode to make sure all was ok. After an exam they did find the entry and exit spots… they did an EKG and his little heart is great. We saw the pediatric eye doctor to make sure all is well and his eyes are perfect! Besides being a very scary day and the “bruising marks” on little Bode we are all OK. Thank God.
Here are some pictures and as you can see he was super happy as always…
I love you little man!

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Melissa Geoghegan said...

So scary! I am glad he is ok! Thanks for sharing with such honestly!