Thursday, November 25, 2010

sharing, family and GG

It was the first year in a few years that we have not been in Lake Tahoe with my family. We have missed Thanksgiving with The Steins for a few years now and we were long overdue. With my parental unit in Nicaragua this year we were able to have a “Stein” Thanksgiving. We went to my MIL’s house, you know the MIL I always talk about. The one I love so much and you all think I am crazy. LOL. YEP… that one. Aunt Mary was there and they made all of our favorites. We had every traditional food you could think of and it was oh so yummy! The babies sat at the dinner table with us and of course made us all laugh, them just eating, which in itself is funny to watch! It was just us, my MIL, Aunt Mary, Uncle Les & cousin Cody (which Kaidin was over the moon about-see photo below, because cousin Cody is COOL). We are so very lucky to have such a great family who are all so loving and generous with everything they do. When I asked Kaidin at the dinner table what he was grateful for he said: sharing, family and GG. *tear* He misses his GG so much. This is our 1st holiday without her. Here is a photo of GG with the kids… We love you GG…

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are feeling so blessed. Here are some photos from today. We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving… xo

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