Wednesday, November 24, 2010

COUNT DOWN Clothes Pin Line

Our COUNT DOWN Clothes Pin Line is DONE…

I was on one of my favorite blogs, which most of you are familiar with and if you are not you must start to follow… can you guess who it is? Yep… It’s Jen over at

She had a blog titled “Great Ideas – Holiday Edition {1}” which you can find here:

Which had a link to Download the free printables on the bags @ “it is what it is”.
You can find them here:

I just bought plain old brown lunch bags and filled them with fun stuff like this:

I made 25 custom coloring pages just for him each day with his name trace printed so he can trace (he is learning how to print his name).
Comment me if you would like a set with your child’s name emailed to you.

I added ONE CARS sticker in each bag so that he can add it to his calendar in his room.

(Comment me if you would like this emailed as well)
Then I stapled them shut and hung them with bamboo clothes pins from twine high enough for my little monster not to reach them until it was time…
He is so excited to open his first bag…
Happy Holidays…

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