Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I saw this really cute idea (which makes me giggle every time I look at them) with the tutorial and links to the little Indians on one of the BLOG's I follow in the past couple weeks. I saved the links to the little Indians and was going to link you back to “the BLOG” and now I can’t find which BLOG it was. I am so disappointed. If you know please give me a shout out so that I can give them the credit. Kaidin had so much fun. I printed out the little Indian people and he colored them. As I don’t have the link anymore you can also Google “Indian mom, dad, ect coloring pages photos” a bunch will pop up. You have the kids color them and then just cut them out, add your photos and a few feathers and a kickstand and then you will have your happy little family…

Happy Thanksgiving from The Stein Family 2010

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