Sunday, December 26, 2010


On Friday our little DIVA decided to crawl out of her crib at nap time and head on out to the living room to join her grandma who was babysitting. When we got home she told us what had happen and to be honest we were in TOTAL disbelief. She has NEVER done anything like that! EVER, (All 3 of our kids have done everything for the 1st time while in the care of our MIL, it is now the family joke). We then had Christmas day and all went well, they napped in the pack-in-plays while we were out and then we came home and went to bed. WELL… this morning we were all fast asleep except for my MIL who stayed the weekend with us, she gets up VERY early but then dozes on the couch until we all get up. Well low and behold the little DIVA came strolling out as proud as could be. So my MIL thought Mike or I let her out but we were not coming to the living room so my MIL went down the hall to see our light still off and us asleep, she then went into the twins room and found little Bam Bam playing on the floor in his room! OUT of his crib! YES, it is true; it was a very sad day in our home. We then went about the morning wondering how they did that. THEN nap time came and we put them down, I grabbed the camera and headed to our bedroom to watch the TV cameras and would you look at what I found!
Bode aka Bam Bam
Miya aka THE DIVA

They would not take a nap, we tried the pack-n-play and they crawled out of that, they open the doors and roam the house. So we spent the day buying big boy/girl beds and bedding, new safety items and more baby gates…
more photos coming soon…

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Chantel Rosete said...

OMG! How awesome you were able to snap some shots of them in action! haha! Craziness!
Happy New Years to you and the whole Stein family!! Muah xoxo!