Monday, December 27, 2010

Hoffman Christmas 2010

We had a great family Christmas at my mom & dads house. As always it was filled with lots of love & laughter (thanks to my dad the good ol’ jokester), never a dull moment with him… The kids always love opening gifts from each other and are at the age where they are very thankful which is really nice to see.

We all exchanged our “family gifts” this year and loved our thoughtful presents. Gina brought the 4 boys a funny gift this year. It consisted of a “Build a Bear” Moose, a DICK’s sporting goods gift certificate, a camo hunting hat (with optional mosquito net), camo hunting jersey, a “moose” gun with bright orange shooting balls and some “moose” drool beer to drink after the big game. They all 4 had to gear up and line up for a shooting the target game. The winner was my hubby, way to go babe, and he won a magazine to Field & Stream! This was funny to see them all dressed up, thank you Gina for such a fun present.

My mom & dad did the annual “stress the kids out” FUN FAMILY game which is our Christmas present. This year my dad used a lazy susan and poker chips with dollar amounts taped to the bottom. We all drew numbers and then one by one picked two poker chips up. Remember the kids game Memory? YEP, that’s what we were playing but the stakes were HIGH. $25, $50, $125, $175, $200 and so on up to $300. If you matched two you got to keep the money. BUT then dad would “spin” the board when someone won just to make it that much harder. And did I mention my dad likes to “spice” things up by usually tricking us in some way, some we blank and some had no matches but this stuff we didn’t find out until AFTER the game. So that $300 you watched the whole game… Yep didn’t have a match! We all won and we very happy but my mom & dads generosity didn’t end there. My sister, brother & I and our families all got a group trip to my parent’s house in Nicaragua 2012 and we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you mom & dad for making our Christmas so special. Here is a picture of me and my beautiful mom...

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