Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anyone seen my CHEERIOS?

This morning at breakfast we had some run away cheerios! Bode saw them on his tray and then “POOF” they were gone. He was so stumped and it was hilarious. I saw him looking anxiously for them but I didn’t realize what he was really doing until he started signing to me for “MORE”. So being the super mom I am I ran to get the camera NOT more cheerios. Miya was giggling away at her brother and when I looked over at her little mop bed-headed self I noticed she also had a little visitor hiding.

Once all of the hide and seek cheerio fun was over they all headed to the couch. AND they must all sit in the “magic” spot. You know that “magic” spot the one EVERYONE wants, even though we have a whole couch, chair, ottoman and floor. Well you can see they were all willing to SQUEEZE.

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