Monday, June 28, 2010

Her presence is of grace

Today we visiting “GG” aka Great Grandma, she is 88 ½ years old and boy is she spunky. Kaidin made this picture for her a couple days ago, when I ask him what it is the story changes every time, the best part is that he made it special for his GG and that’s all that matters. We tried to take some photos with her today and these were the only two that we could get though the screaming and tears of the babies.

Her smile can light up a room
Her presence is of grace
Her opinions are heard without one word
but by the look upon her face
Her touch is so gentle
Her heart as big as the moon
Her spirit is kindhearted and warm
as a summer’s afternoon
Her hair a river of gray
Her eyes radiant as the sun
Her time she’ll take no matter how long
until the work is done
Her kisses are so soft
Her hugs preferred from the rest
Our great grandma is ours forever and ever
and she’ll always be the best…
We love you GG.

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